To run a healthy business with revenue streams coming in constantly is a massive undertaking. There are many things to consider: innovative business model, market domination strategy, culture, unique selling proposition, people, customer relationships, supplier expectations, overhaul infrastructure. The list is long and full of critical decisions to make. It could be an overwhelming experience. But it’s worth doing.

In the age of the cloud, smart businesses shift to a new paradigm. …

A website is a big investment — both in terms of time and money — and for it to make good business sense, it needs to be backed with a strong strategic foundation that’s directly tied to your business goals and objectives.

A successful website can boost sales, build awareness, enhance customer experience, reduce costs, streamline operations, improve workflow and help grow your company. But making a successful website isn’t easy. …

Today, I will share our story on what triggered a complete rethinking of our service business, AirDesigns, the challenges and opportunities of developing an industry-dominating strategy, and how we ended up achieving 67% year on year growth.

Let me start from the very beginning.
We started our web agency AirDesigns back in 2013 when a friend of ours came to us and asked us to help him, and his team create an Interactive HTML5 banner creation platform. He has the idea, but that was all. …

“We hired this great web design agency to redesign our website completely, and it looks great, but it’s not performing well, and now we’re losing customers and money.

“After the redesign, our website has many technical issues, and our in-house developers can’t resolve them. The number of unsatisfied customers is growing quickly, and the situation is going from bad to worse fast.”

Oops. Hopefully, you can’t relate. It makes me feel angry and embarrassed every time I hear it. After all, my company AirDesigns is part of this industry.

Unfortunately, you might be surprised to know how many companies have…

Livestream shopping is one of the hottest trends that emerged from the 2020 pandemic, and obviously, it’s here to stay.

Like many things, it’s not a new concept. HSN invented live video shopping on TV about 40 years ago.

In the mid-2010s, Chinese influencers began using live video apps to take their fans on virtual journeys to exotic locations and famous boutiques in New York.

China’s e-commerce giants also began offering live events via video, hosted by celebrities, with live chat and seamless purchasing. Not surprising — with a huge success.

The livestream shopping craze is not coincidental. …

Look around. Most ecommerce businesses (and not only they) are all selling the same kind of stuff at the same price.

You can’t compete on price, location, or same-day delivery, and still, many e-commerce retailers have built businesses based on those USPs.

Competing on price

You will never be able to win this race. There will always be someone else that will be cheaper than you.

If you want to win on price, you should cut many corners. You might have to pay less money to your employees or overload them with work. You might need to sacrifice the quality…

As Simon Sinek says: business is an infinite game. You can’t win because there is no end. The infinite game is played to continue the play (or continue staying in business).

You can’t stay in the game with “Once and Done” mentality (I’ve often seen it).

You do a change today, but your competitors — they also change.

The same goes true go true with your website. Many business owners or C-suite think that they could make a single change on the website, and it’s done — everything will improve immediately. …

The full consequences of forced lockdowns and closures across the world and unprecedented trade and travel restrictions worldwide are yet to be felt.

But maybe you’ve already felt the impact on your business.

Maybe you’re trying to pivot so you can fit in better in this “new economy”.

Or maybe the push toward “digital” leads to new growth you didn’t anticipate (but, of course, it comes with its own set of challenges) …

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Either way, we are far from “out of…

To find customers for your business (systematically and consistently), you need to know the 3 WHYs your customers buy from you (you might be surprised). Answering these 3 simple “whys” succinctly and persuasively will help you build the bridge that leads your prospect/customer from where they are now to where they want to be. That bridge is your product, your service, or your offer.

I’ve illustrated each “why” with real examples from my work as a web agency CEO. …

Today we are living in a hybrid reality where physical and digital worlds blend. The “new normal” mixes these worlds in our daily experience. A simple example is the brick-and-click shopping experience where people research online and then purchase offline, or purchase online and pick up in-store.

Creating a seamless omnichannel customer experience is one of the most critical factors for retailers’ success today. It is the fast adoption that will drive your commerce growth.

So, as a retail company, you need to consider how your business will offer physical and digital experiences that work seamlessly for the customers who…

Elena Velikova

I am a digital entrepreneur and blogger. With 15 years of experience running and scaling businesses, I’ve always had my finger on the pulse of all things web

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